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Arata Law Office remains available for all your legal needs.

Effective immediately:

We are available for complimentary curbside notary services. (as of Wed 3/18/2020)

All intakes will be conducted over the phone and not in-person. If you need legal help you can call our offices (985)735-1368 for services or email us at info@Aratalaw.net

Our offices will remain open but will be available to the public by appointment only. To make an appointment, contact our offices by phone (985)735-1368 or email info@aratalaw.net

Our office phones will remain open 24/7. In addition, we will be activating a COVID-19 Legal Intake Line shortly.

We ask that any adults or children who have experienced any of the following to refrain from visiting our offices:

People who are experiencing symptoms of fever, coughing, and shortness of breath; people who have been in close contact with someone who has a respiratory illness.